When I try to add my license number, it takes me to a page to upload a file?

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I have the license number but it won't let me enter it.

1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: icloud
Referrer: kb:license-file-faq, kb:add-license, kb:license-file-faq, kb-search:can't paste license, kb:add-license


  • danco
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    1PW3 used a licence number. 1PW4 and 1PW5 use a licence file (the same file works for both).

    1PW4 was a paid upgrade from 1PW3 and 1PW5 a free upgrade from 1PW4.

    So the main question is whether you ever bought a licence upgrade to 1PW4 or 5.

    A secondary point is that you claim to be using iCloud sync with 1PW 5.3.2. This is actually impossible. Due to restrictions by Apple, only programs bought direct from them can use iCloud sync, And (for unimportant technical reasons) the version from the App Store is 5.3, while 5.3.2 is the version direct from AgileBits

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hello @megcusack,

    I did try seeing if we had a record of the email address you're using here in the forums but it didn't yield a result. So it means I can't say anything with confidence.

    What danco as stated about licences is correct, a licence key would be for 1Password 3 as we moved to using a licence file in 1Password 4 and 5. 1Password 5 is actually a free upgrade for any 1Password 4 users so it uses the exact same licence file.

    If you know you purchased 1Password 4/5 it might have been from Apple's Mac App Store. If it was you'll want to look in the Purchased tab of the App Store application on your Mac. If you don't see it but know you did it might be worth checking for hidden purchases and the Apple KB Hide and unhide purchases in the Mac App Store will help there.

    If you purchased 1Password 4/5 from our AgileBits Store then I'm assuming it was using a different email address. If you're having troubles then please email us at support+licenses@agilebits.com from that email address and we can look into it for you.

    If you think or know that you purchased 1Password 3 and haven't purchased a new licence since then you have a couple of options. Your 1Password 3 licence entitles you to continue running 1Password 3 for Mac although it is beginning to age a bit now. You can also use your licence key on our Upgrades for Existing Licence Owners page to obtain a discounted price for our AgileBits Store version of 1Password 5 for Mac. The only real difference between the AgileBits Store and Mac App Store version is iCloud Sync support. If you deem iCloud Sync vital you will want to to purchase the Mac App Store version but sadly we can't offer a discount for existing users as the facility is not available there.

    Hopefully something there helps but if nothing matches up please do let us know.

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