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I'm still using an old version, 3.8.22, and can't add a new password. What's the problem? Also, I have 1P on both my iPhone and iPad but can't figure out versions. They all sync via Dropbox. If I upgrade to v. 5 for Mac will I also have to update on my phone & iPad?

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @CharleyM,

    Are you by any chance running OS X 10.11 AKA El Capitan? If you are you've stumbled upon the newest incompatibility between the older 1Password 3 and the newer versions of OS X. We last worked on 1Password 3 for Mac when Mountain Lion was alpha male (excuse the poor joke) so over time the operating system has evolved and code we relied on has changed or even become deprecated. If 1Password for iOS is syncing via Dropbox then you're running 1Password 4 or newer as the older 1Password 3 for iOS is also old and doesn't use the current Dropbox API. So you should be able to upgrade to 1Password 5 on your Mac and find you need to do nothing on your iOS devices. Now 1Password 4 and as a result 5 too are a paid upgrade over 1Password 3. You have a couple of options. If you're happy with Dropbox and want to continue using it then you can use your existing 1Password 3 licence key to obtain a discounted upgrade price at Upgrades for Existing Licence Owners. If you want to move to iCloud Sync then that would mean purchasing the Mac App Store version of 1Password for Mac from Apple's Mac App Store. We can't offer a discount there as it's simply not a feature supported by their shop. That means full price. Now we have a sale on at the moment so you can pick it up for 40% less but the choice is entirely yours. I genuinely don't know how long the sale will be on for but that upgrade offer is something we've always offered to our customers.

    If you have any questions resulting from any of that please do let us know.

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