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This was originally sent to Dave Teare who answered my emails in past years. The reply I got indicated that AgileBits has gotten too big and I should use Twitter. Since I don't Tweet I thought I would try this forum. Here goes:

Hi Dave,

Just finished reading your write-up on switching 1Password from Dropbox to iCloud Drive. So I checked my version and I have 5.1 on my iMac running El Capitan. I checked your website and found 5.4.1 available. I also checked Apple’s App Store and they have 5.4 available.

Since I have been a paid subscriber to 1Password on my iMac, iPad, and iPhone for several years (before there was an Apple App Store) I have always upgraded through you on your web site. Is it still true that if I keep upgrading with you, I can never use iCloud Drive to sync 1Password? I’m very surprised and disappointed.


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  • danco
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    Never say "Never". Apple MIGHT change their current rules on use of CloudKit (which is what is used for ICloud sync, rather than iCloud Drive). At present it can only be used on apps from the App Store; if that changed AgileBits would change to allow the direct version to use iCloud sync. But don't hold your breath!

  • Hey @bobandris! First off, I'm sorry if that email came off as "we've gotten too big". We definitely don't want that to be the impression. We love and respond to each and every person, but one person responding to them all is quite a different story indeed. We've grown over the years and we have had the opportunity to change the lives of many different people with 1Password. We want to continue to change their lives with our replies here in the forum, on Twitter, and anywhere else we may encounter them.

    Now, to answer your question. Right now only the Mac App Store version of 1Password is able to support iCloud sync. Danco's answer here is spot on: We're unable to talk about future plans. I'd recommend keeping an eye on our blog, Twitter, and newsletter for news. :) Thanks for being such an awesome user over the years.

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