Feature request: password generator stores 5 last generated passwords

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Using the password generator, I often find that the password is lost in the confusion between registration page and login page.
It would be nice to be able to back track on previously generated passwords.
My workaround is to copy generated passwords into TextEdit before submitting registration information.

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  • danco
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    They can always be found in thePasswords section of 1PW, though the difference in URL between the registration and login page can occasionally (not all that often) make them difficult to find.

  • Hey @karlab! What danco said is correct. If you haven't saved a password with a login after generating it, you can find it in the Passwords category in 1Password. You can click the dropdown below the search field and choose to sort them by date created so you can find the most recent ones easier. Also, in the browser, you can click the 1Password icon, open the Password Generator menu, and click the History menu to see passwords that you've generated for the website you're currently visiting. Select them and use ⌘ C to copy them to your clipboard. Hope that helps! :)

  • karlab
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    Ty for your reply. Im not able to find the History menu.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @karlab,

    In order for the History menu to show up in the Password Generator in 1Password mini, you must be on the same site you were on when you generated the password (you must also have clicked the Fill button or copied the password you generated). If you have multiple vaults in 1Password, you must also be in the same vault you were in when you generated the password.

    If you still don't see the History submenu in the Password Generator, please open the main 1Password app and select the Passwords category in the sidebar. Are there any Password items there for the site you're viewing when you try to find the History menu?

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