1password said I had a vulnerable password to change it can't get into 1Password it doesn't work,.

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1Pasword window said my password was vulnerable and to change it. I changed it and I do remember it and the hint is for what I do remember, but I can't get in and therefor I am screwed. I use it ALL the time. What do I do????????????

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  • Stephen_C
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    @sydwina we really need some basic information from you before we can help you. Please tell us:

    I wonder whether you're talking about changing a login password in response to a Watchtower alert from 1P. Is that right? I'm a little puzzled, though, by this reference in your post:

    I changed it and I do remember it and the hint is for what I do remember

    because a password hint is relevant, within 1P, only for your master password—and 1P will never prompt you to change you master password (i.e., the password you use to unlock 1P).

    Assuming that it was in fact a login item password you changed, and not your master password, there are two places you can look for the old password (so you can check whether that still works):

    • look in the main 1P app for the relevant item and click on show previously used passwords; or, if that field is not present
    • you might restore one of the automatic 1P backups made before you made the password change (if you're using 1P4/1P5 go to 1P > Preferences > Backup, highlight the backup you want to restore and click Restore—although bear in mind that will lose any data you have added to 1P since the date of the backup, of course.

    If you can provide rather more information, in response to this post, someone will help you if what I've said does not.


  • Hey @sydwina! Was Stephen able to help you out here? If not, we'll need a bit more info as he mentioned. The message you're seeing may have been from Watchtower, but we'll need to confirm that.

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