I have a new computer and I have a licence number.

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I have a new computer and I have a licence number. I can't seem to instal the licence number I have. I think I may have used an old email address. Not really sure.


  • Hey @Perry171,

    Since you mentioned you have a license number, you may have a license for an older version of 1Password since the latest one uses a license file. I wasn't able to find any licenses associated with the email address you used to sign up on these forums, but there are some other things we can use to find your old one. First, though, did you maybe purchase the app from the Mac App Store? If that's the case, we don't have any licenses for those apps and you can simply re-download 1Password by opening the App Store, signing in with the account you used to purchase it, clicking the Purchases tab, and clicking Install beside 1Password.

    Otherwise, could you send us an email at support+licenses@agilebits.com with a link to this thread and some email addresses you may have used previously? We'll go from there! :)

  • @Perry171 - Thanks, we received your email and we will be replying via email shortly.

    ref: XDE-11598-222

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