Disable Personal Vaults


My understanding is that the new Teams version allows you not to have a Personal Vault at all... is there a way to get to that condition if you already have one?

1Password Version: 6.0.BETA-2
Extension Version: 600002
OS Version: OS X 10.11.2
Sync Type: Dropbox/Teams


  • Jacob
    edited January 2016

    Hey @bdillahu! It is possible in the more recent betas. Since you're running the latest beta, all you have to do is start over to get things set up with your Teams account only. It's important to note that doing so will delete any data in your local vault (so be sure to back that up) and anything in your Teams account that hasn't gotten a chance to sync there yet. Before proceeding, also make sure you have your Account Key and Master Password safe somewhere so you can add your account back to the app when you set it up again.

    Once you have the app ready to be used afresh, just add your Teams account to it during setup and you should be set. Let us know how things go. :)

  • bdillahu
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    Sure enough... that worked :-)


  • Fantastic! Glad I was able to help out. :)

  • CSJudd
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    Any way to remove the personal vaults created in the team setup without starting over?

    1Password 6
    Version 6.0.2 (602004)
    AgileBits Store

  • julie-tx
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    @CSJudd -

    This is the other common Enterprise space request - disabling "Personal" item storage so that all user-created items are visible to one or more other vault owners. The response by @penderworth was more about the "Private" vault - "Personal" (formerly known as "Your Vault") has attracted attention as a candidate to optionally exclude by team owners or administrators.

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