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I have been a 1Password user for a while now and I absolutely love the software. My company is in dire need of a password solution and I think 1Password for Teams would be a great fit for us. The only problem is that everyone around here is super douchey about paying for software and the minute I tell them it's going to cost money, the conversation is over.

So my question is, if I have already bought the software and I create a company team account, can I invite as many people as I want to join the team for free? The only caveat being that all my team members would have to login via the web interface to access passwords? The only instance in which it would cost my team members any money is if they want the apps for iOS/Android/Windows/Mac/etc?

Is this line of thinking correct?

Thanks for any help!


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    Hi @deanmachine18,

    Thanks for being a 1Password user for as long as you have been. It's great that you're looking at Teams as a possible solution for your company. If I'm reading this right, it sounds like you've got the licensing a little flipped around. When you are not using 1Password for Teams (i.e. how things were up until late last year), then licenses are needed for the Windows/Mac apps, and mobile if you want the premium features. When you're using Teams, then no licenses are needed for any of the apps... but there will be a subscription for Teams depending on the number of user accounts on the Team. Teams is only free during the beta period, after which there will be a subscription required for it based on users.

    I hope this helps.


  • rdoumardouma Junior Member

    I'm also a bit confused on the topic. I understand that 1Password for Teams requires a periodical payment, since the cost on your end is recurring. Very logical. I was hoping for a bit more friendly pricing, but c'est la vie. I guess I'll remove some non-essential personnel there then that only need access to few items or on occasion. However, indeed, I for example already paid for 1Password so I already have the client software. Now what happens when I invite a new user that was not a 1Password user before to 1Password for Teams? I would hope that he can then use the OSX client for free for example, since I'm already going to pay US$ 60 per year for him? For me that approach would make sense, but I see 1Password is not free on the app store (maybe that is because 1Password for Teams is in beta still? Or will that US$ 60 per year basically only give them the web interface?

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    Hi rdouma,

    The client app is free (e.g. registered) if you are logged into a Team. There is no need to purchase the app separately when used with 1Password for Teams.

    The app will have to be downloaded from our website though, as the App Store version remains paid up front.

  • rdoumardouma Junior Member

    Clear, thank you @chadseld.

  • JacobJacob

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    @rdouma On behalf of Chad, you're welcome. :+1: Feel free to pop in if you have any other questions.

  • So, if I have a 1P4T user that did not use 1P before and they are running the latest beta, but the 1P Mini is saying the trial period is over and they can't update or edit passwords. If they open the full 1P app, they can edit stored passwords. Is this a bug or something they need to do? Thanks, Tim

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    Hi, @tkampsbh, and welcome to our forum!

    I've not heard of that situation before. Do you know if they have set up their team account in 1Password yet? If they've already added their team account to 1Password and it's still throwing a fit about a trial period, that would be a problem.

  • EmultyEmulty
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    5$ per user per month!? Are you serious? Isn't it too much? I can understand such conditions: 5$ per user per year or 50$ unlimited users per year. But not in a way you want.
    Who do you think you are, Bill Gates? Your app (service) is not a new MS windows and could not cost so much.

  • ssorokassoroka 1Password Alumni
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    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us and thank you for your interest in 1Password for Teams.

    I'd like to quote one of my colleagues who does a great job of explaining where we are coming from with our 1Password for Teams pricing:

    "We've focused a great deal on the usability and design of 1Password — not only to make it beautiful, but to make it accessible. We want everyone in your company to be able to jump right in and benefit from vastly improved online security. Of course, polish and design need to be backed up by great technology. 1Password for Teams is packed with powerful admin features like fine-grained access control, and full item history backups. And at the heart of 1Password for Teams are our award-winning 1Password apps. They've been continuously refined for over a decade, loved and trusted by millions of users, from college students, to families, to huge enterprises.

    "We build our apps to make life easier and safer for everyone who uses the Internet. Living up to that goal takes constant effort and improvement. For instance, we have an entire team dedicated to making sure our apps are compatible with the websites, apps and services that you use.

    "One of my favourite things about 1Password for Teams is that all of our apps and future updates are included with your subscription at no extra charge. Without 1Password for Teams, licenses for all of those apps would cost $120 per person.

    "If you compare our offering to other industry leading business applications such as Slack, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, you will see that the cost of securing all your teammates and your most important data with 1Password for Teams is actually quite a bargain."

    If we can be further help in any way, please feel free to contact us via email, we're more than happy to help with any concerns specific to your company.

    All the best,


  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Hi, @Emulty! :)

    Thanks for your question! Our current 1Password licenses are $50 for a single license for a single platform (Mac or Windows) and $10 for in-app purchases on iOS and Android. With 1Password for Teams, all the client apps are included in the cost of the subscription, plus you get an amazing web service that allows you to administrate credentials for all of your team members, which is just not possible with the individual client apps by themselves. We think that $5 per user per month is very reasonable for a business team that relies on the secure sharing of credentials among team members.

    Now, if you're thinking of a family situation where there are say 5 family members, which could be $25 per month, don't worry. We love families and we are putting together a plan that we think families will love. I don't have details to announce just yet, but we hope to share more about the family plan soon. :)

    I hope that helps!

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Oops, looks like we double-teamed this one on accident. At least we didn't disagree! ;)

  • rdoumardouma Junior Member

    Thanks for the explanation about the pricing. I think it would be cool to have a "Single Vault Guest" that can only access one vault for free, like Slack's "Single Channel Guest". I am now doubting if I'll put/keep freelancers in a team that work on one project (= vault for me) only. US$ 60 per year for one of my employees is one thing, but it is a bit excessive for sharing about 10 passwords with a freelance developer. I think it would lower the bar to add people to the team, who then start using 1Password and might convert into paying customers and/or full team members.

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    @rdouma The "Guest" feature already exists and provides guests with access to a single shared vault for free :)

  • rdoumardouma Junior Member

    Woooooow!!!!! And oops. I feel silly now. ;-) Thanks!

  • JacobJacob

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    It's all good. :) Glad Roustem cleared things up.

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