Do you have to pay for guests?

Do guests count as users, meaning do you have to pay the subscription fee for guests to have access? We would like to use this feature for client access to passwords we keep for them but wondering if we have to pay for each client - thanks.

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  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Hi, @micah_woods, and welcome to the forum!

    Guests are actually free! They are limited to a single shared vault (no Personal vault) and they cannot be added to any groups, but you can add as many as you want (currently) for no additional cost.

  • Cool! Additional q-will they as guests still get free access to the apps suite? Since they aren't paid for by a plan member, are they paying for their own apps (if not, you could be giving away a lot of free app access)? Even though the app would only access their single dedicated guest vault in my plan, I'm assuming they could also connect to unlimited guest vaults with others (just like connecting to multiple teams) AND still setup a personal vault (or more) on their local side no different than a paid user at that point for free in essence. Just looking for clarity on how this will work. Thanks!

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    That's a fantastic question, @HusterZoot! And one that I'm sorry has taken so long for me to answer. I was asked this question late last week by my team and forgot to answer, so they were never able to reply to you. Let's fix that now shall we? :)

    Guests will indeed have access to the 1Password apps on all platforms. It makes sense as the native apps are one of the biggest (if not the biggest) selling points so Guests need to be able to use them for the best experience possible. From a business point of view this also makes sense as we'd like Guests to enjoy 1Password so much that they create their own (paying) team.

    Regarding the ability to create their own local, personal vaults, this isn't a big worry. They will be able to do so as part of the trial period and afterwards it will go into read only mode, just like 1Password does today. In other words, being part of a team does not unlock all features of 1Password forever. It unlocks all teams features, which just happens to be almost all of them except this one :)

    Thanks again for the great question. Take care,


  • But could the guest not set up a local vault "for free" and effecivly get 1P without paying or will the Client App restrict this also?

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Hi, @jebr.

    I think @dteare was saying that the guest would be able to create their own local vaults, but the local vaults would be restricted by the client app after the 30-day trial is over, while their team vaults would still be accessible. I'm not sure exactly how that would look, but I'm sure our client app developers will come up with something smart. :)

  • Hi, I think the idea of free guest accounts is amazing. In our 1Password team we plan several paid accounts, but we have some external co-workers we want to share some logins with, but we don't want to pay for their 1Password licenses, and their employers hasn't wanted to pay them either (at least up to now). So we all have the necessary access and we can share the data although those external people use just the web browser interface. I hope the free guest model will remain, otherwise it will knock the usability of teams down. And I expect they will shift to the full version of 1Password too, because it is my most favourite password manager ever ;)

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    @oksoftware, I'm glad to hear free Guests fills a need for your team! Can you tell me about how many guests you expect to invite to your team? We're trying to figure out the best kind of limit because unlimited free guests might not be the best idea.

  • @rob, I have found we need one guest for aprox. half of our vaults. In our small team we plan to have 5 paying members and 4 guests. Two of them are familiar with 1Password and have their own personal or company license. One of the other guests will probably also buy a iOS and Windows license for her personal use. All those guests without licenses access the vaults very rarely. I think the real limitation for guests would be the only web access. The usage from the web browser is a real hassle. It is also the reason why we cannot fully enjoy the team advantages because of lack of the Windows application support. For example I have aprox. 600 records in my personal vault, but just less then 20 items in nine vaults I have prepared for our team. Nobody wants to use it via a browser.

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Thanks for the insight, @oksoftware! We do want guests to be able to use the client apps because we want them to see how amazing of an experience that is. I realize that's a problem now with the lack of a Windows 7 client, so we're definitely working to get that ready. :)

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