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Dear 1Password team,

I just started a new 1Password for Teams team, completed the emergency kit and also added a second account owner.

Now, when inviting additional team members, I found that they all are given a master key and told to keep it in a safe place. This has led us to wonder what the importance of the master key really is.

I mean – when we have two team owners/admins who can initiate the recovery process for all other members, do we really need to stress the role of the master key (for every single user) that much? Or can I simply tell my team members to choose a strong master password and that's it?

Thanks a lot

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  • Hi @mpdude,

    Thanks for trying out 1Password for Teams!

    The Account Key is indeed quite important, even when you have the ability to recover an account (glad to hear you've set up two people who can recover accounts by the way!). In terms of getting locked out of an account, you're right - having the ability to recover helps a lot there.

    However, the Account Key is used along with the Master Password to encrypt all of a user's data, which greatly increases every user's security. Also, the Account Key needs to be entered every time you sign in from a new device.

    To learn more about the Account Key and how it works, check out our guide here:

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