Feature request: Two-way linked objects


Hi there!

Maybe not really a Team-specific request, but I recently noticed that there's support for linked objects in the vaults and immediately tried it out since we usually have two/three or more objects per client (webpage, server and db-info). The idea of linking these obejcts together was compelling, but at least at the moment it seems that I have to manually set the link on both ends in order for it to work – it will be a tough sell on my colleagues if we'll be forced to set 9 links per client. What I'd really like is for the linking to be two-wayed – set it on one end and have it show up on the other end as well. Maybe it's doable already, but I couldn't figure it out if that is the case.

Is this something you'd consider?

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  • rob

    Hi, @epavletic.

    Thanks for the post! It indeed is not possible at this time to automatically link items both ways. That's something I want to see myself, and I've added your vote to the internal issue we have open for it. :)

    ref: OPB-515

  • epavletic
    Community Member

    hi @rob!

    Thanks for getting back to me; i'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll get to that issue eventually! :)
    Keep up the great work!

  • rob

    You're welcome, @epavletic. Thanks for the kind words! :)

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