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  • I have seen the Chrome/ web site issue as well. Using copy and paste from 1Password works fine as a workaround in the meantime and is not really all that painful. Thanks!

    This may be related: in Chrome, when logging into, I see a similar problem:

    1. Fill password and login from Chrome 1Password extension
    2. Click Enter.
    3. After some gear spinning, we're kicked back to the empty login page.

    Copying and pasting do not work as a workaround, however.

    Banyan recently updated their website, so maybe that has something to do with it. Firefox works as expected for logging in to Banyan. Thanks again!

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @orafferty,

    I'm sorry you're having some trouble signing into that site! The previous thread was specifically about a problem using 1Password on, so because the main issue you wrote about is with, I've moved your message to our "Saving and Filling in Browsers" forum. I hope you don't mind!

    I don't know why copying & pasting your email address & password from 1Password into that site wouldn't work, but there are a couple things you can try. First, if you copy & paste those into a text editor (like TextEdit), and then copy & paste them from the text editor into the sign-in form on, are you able to log in?

    Next, you can try manually typing your email address and password into the sign-in form to see if that works. You'll want to make sure you type exactly what is shown in that Login item in 1Password (in the 1Password app, you can reveal password fields by going to the View menu and un-checking the Conceal Passwords option).

    Do either of those tests work? Depending on what happens, that might help to narrow down why it's not normally working for you.

    Now, if it works when you copy & paste from a text editor into that website, or when you manually type your email address & password, you can follow these steps to save a new Login item for that site. Does the new Login item work correctly?

    Let us know how it all goes, thanks! :)

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