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A feature to help maintain login credentials... most of the company logins we store will go inactive after so many days/weeks, it's a bother when someone needs to log into a particular service we use and the password needs to be "reset" due to that inactivity. As a way to prevent staff from experiencing this time-consuming problem, I place google calendar notification to let me know when an account/company/service/whatever is about to go inactive. Then I'll log into the service and the clock resets... there are some obvious problems with this remedy b/c I don't know when someone is logging into a particular service nor do I want to keep tabs on that. If a date box of some sort could be included as a custom field option that would help... or something more advanced like a date box that resets when someone logs in to that service, the admin would have the ability to set a date range or "count-down" for each stored login and a day or two before the countdown an admin can be notified. That way I don't need to involve another application service and our boss isn't bothered with password reset or reactivation emails.

In case I missed it... I couldn't find the suggestion area.

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