Beta 62 Release Notes

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Can you believe it is already near the end of February! Can you believe it has been a whole week since we've released a beta! Wow, time does fly by.

Here is our brand new Beta 62.

Team Owners and Admins can recover accounts for other people on their Team. However, no one can recover their own account. That’s why it’s critical to have multiple Owners and Admins for each team. This beta helps remind you of how important this is.

Adding a second Team Member to your team will cause a new Recovery banner to appear, recommending that you add additional Owners or Admins. Click on the banner to add someone as an Owner or Admin and be on your way to better safeguarded team.

Your feedback and wonderful suggestions keep us moving forward. Please start a new thread to discuss anything that's on your mind. We love hearing from you!

Here are the other great changes in Beta 62:

  • [NEW] Added special banner to remind about important recovery settings. {1069,939}
  • [NEW] Added migration that creates Team Members group if needed. {1131}
  • [IMPROVED] Clarified the Administrators checkbox in the create vault form. It lets anyone in the Administrators group manage the vault. {1064}
  • [IMPROVED] Improved the display of vault icons on the details page. {945}
  • [IMPROVED] If permissions changes fail, the user interface will no longer appear to update anyway if the menu is closed. {198}
  • [IMPROVED] To help prevent accidental loss of access, the user interface now prevents removing one's own Manage permission for a vault. {330}
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem that prevented display of sent emails in ProtonMail.
  • [FIXED] No longer allowing you to delete the last owner in your account. {1103}
  • [FIXED] No longer creating two vaults when pressing enter or clicking "Create Vault" twice in a row. {1059}
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem that might have prevented some Documents from being decrypted because of inconsistencies in Base64 encoding. {1148}
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem that might have blocked certain Recover requests because of their size. {1150}
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem where text misplaced in Safari. {1146}
  • [FIXED] Made several changes that will hopefully fix the hard-to-recreate "too much recursion" errors. {946}
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