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if i paid for the iPhone/iPad version is there a reduced price to buy the mac version?
I don't recall what i paid for my phone but $50 is a lot to add onto a system I already have "just" to get it to another device....

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Referrer: forum-search:if i paid for the iPhone version is there a reduced price to buy the mac version?


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    Well, it's slightly more than "just to get it on another device". The Mac purchase covers all Mac you own and (if bought from AgileBits) all Macs owned by up to five members of your family. Of course, you may be just one person with one Mac, as I am, so don't get the ebenfit of the extra.

    The iOS version is free in its basic version, with an in-app purchase.

    1PW is one of the more expensive programs, but is worth it. If the cost is too much for you, keep a watch out (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and in due course there will be sale. They are fairly frequent, but I have no knowledge of when the next one is likely to be, and AgileBits staff will not say even if they know.

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    Hi @robynd73,

    Danco is correct, and I'm sorry for any confusion about that!

    Mac OS X is a much more robust operating system than iOS, so we're able to do a whole lot more with the Mac version of 1Password in terms of features. Of course, that also means more resources are required to develop/maintain/update 1Password for Mac. That's a big part of why there's a price difference between that and the iOS version. But I can see how the price of the Mac version can be surprising if you purchased the iOS version first!

    If you have more questions about that or need anything else, please let us know - we're always happy to help! :)

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