Shared vault dropbox syncing stopped working

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My husband and I use 1 password on our Mac - we have 4 vaults total - each have a primary and a secondary vault. We each share our secondary with the other and sync with dropbox to our mobile devices. The set up has been functioning well but just recently (sometime in the last week or so), the dropbox sync for my secondary shared vault stopped working. I realized this when I added some new data to my shared vault a few days ago and then was unable to locate it on my iPhone today. I went in to test today and the sync works fine for my primary vault but not my secondary vault. When I go into settings, it says it is syncing but it is not. I checked that all software on MAC and devices was updated. Not sure what to do next.

1Password Version: 6.3.2
Extension Version: 4.5.8
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • oneillmm
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    Never mind - I was able to fix it. Somehow (not sure) it looks like dropbox has 2 copies of my secondary vault - and I was syncing to the wrong copy. Was able to remove that vault and add the correct one - now syncing works.

  • Pilar
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    Hi @oneillmm

    I'm sorry we couldn't get back to you before, but it sounds like you have everything under control now! Thank you for saying hi around the forums and for letting us know that you had found the solution! I hope that everything works well fro you from now on, but if you have any other questions or find any problems again, we're here for you :chuffed:

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