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Currently have license for Mac desktop only, If I purchase new can I use on Mac desktop and My Android phone. Would it be separate apps for each that would require syncing, or cloud based (hope not). Can you refer me to a video that would show such different systems applications.

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Referrer: forum-search:I currently have license for Mac desktop only, If I purchase new can I use on Mac and droid phone.


  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @StevieJ! Thanks for using 1Password on your Mac. :) The easiest way to get started on your Android phone would be a 1Password subscription. It includes everything you'd expect from a license as well as:

    • All the 1Password apps. No matter which plan you choose, you always has free access to the latest versions of all the 1Password apps.
    • Sync without the need of a third-party sync service. With a 1Password account, simply sign in and your passwords and other items are there automatically.
    • Item History for restoring deleted or changed items. If a change was made to an item and it needs to be reverted, fret not. It can easily be rolled back from
    • View, edit, and add items from a browser. You’ll always have access to your data on, even if you're away from the devices you typically use.
    • Brand new multi-factor security model for your hosted account. Since your data is in the cloud, we took some extra steps to make sure the security is even better than what the standalone version of 1Password has. An Account Key is generated during setup to strengthen your Master Password, and we still don't store either of them. Learn more about how 1Password protects your data in the cloud.
    • Access your data even if you stop paying. Your data is yours. Even if you ever cancel your subscription, you can always view and export your data.

    You mentioned sync, and since this does sync with the internet I wanted to mention how it does so securely. There are three umbrellas of security in 1Password accounts. Before all of them is your Master Password and Account Key. In the standalone version of 1Password, everything is protected by your Master Password and all the security wizardry in the app. But in an account, the Account Key is used to strengthen things even further. If you have a weak password, it's very unlikely someone will be able to access your data because the Account Key is a 128-bit string of characters that's generated locally when you set up your account. It never leaves your device, and we ask that you print it out to have a copy in case you need it later — you're probably not going to remember the whole thing. ;)

    It’s great to have a Master Password and Account Key protect your data, but they also need to communicate with the server to access your data, so we use three layers to protect things at rest and in transit. The first layer is based on your Master Password and Account key, which are used to derive a secret that is used to securely encrypt all of your data, both at rest and in transit between your devices and our servers. The second layer is based on the Secure Remote Password protocol. It allows your devices and our servers to make sure they are who they say they are. This provides an additional layer of protection against attack. The third and final layer is the standard TLS/SSL protocol. This layer provides a final layer of encryption and also allows your web browser to indicate that you were communicating directly with a 1Password web server.

    Learn more about security in 1Password accounts in the 1Password White Paper (PDF).

    Hope that helps! You can sign up for an account over here and get started on your devices by migrating your existing passwords to the account, then signing in to it on your Android phone. Let us know what you think. :)

  • What if I am already using a VPN on both my laptop and my phone, (when using wifi on phone to connect to the internet).
    Will all the additional encryption foul up connection and sync to one password?

  • JacobJacob

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    @StevieJ You can use a VPN alongside 1Password. :) I personally have two VPNs, one for work and one for public WiFi networks. is very happy in the same court.

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