If I have multiple vaults on Dropbox, is a 1Password account right for me?

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I have multiple 1Password vaults --one for work, one for freelance clients, one for my personal stuff-- synced to Dropbox. If I were to go with the $2.99/mo subscription service, would I still be able to have multiple vaults or no? I'm not "sharing" them, per se; I just have them for different purposes and want to keep them separated.

I have my personal account on my Mac and multiple iOS devices. I have my freelance and work accounts on those devices too, but the work account is also synced to a few PCs at work. I don't want to change anything with the work vault, if possible; right now, I've designated the Dropbox folder that the work vault is in as "shared," so I can sync it separately to my devices. If I moved my own personal and freelance client vaults to a 1Password.com account, would I still be able to sync the work vault through Dropbox with no issue?

1Password Version: 6.5
Extension Version: 4.6.2
OS Version: 10.12.1
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @Azurite

    It's great to hear that you want to try out a 1Password account! You can create as many vaults as you want or need on your account. You can keep on using your current configuration for the work PC without any change and keep on using it with Dropbox if you prefer to :chuffed: You just have to migrate the other 2 vaults and leave the one that you're using as it is. Would you mind sharing with us why you prefer to keep on syncing the work vaults via Dropbox? We always like to know more about your thoughts and needs!

    Please let us know if you have any doubts and if you decide to try a 1Password.com account and how that works for you!

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