New Machine won't take license key

I recently purchased a new laptop. I would like to use 1Password on the new machine, but the license key I purchased for 1Password 5 is not being accepted by 1Password 6. I keep having a free trial started for me, but I would like to use the version I purchased. What do I need to do to make my new key work on the 1Password 6 version that is now downloaded?

I have removed the 1Password from the old machine and uploaded to my iCloud prior to installing, but now I can't get the new version to work with my existing key. Please help, it has been a very frustrating day trying to remember passwords on my new machine.


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  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @alexpeay

    Congratulations on your new computer! I'm sorry if theres been some confusion getting 1Password set up there. I have resent you your license to your email, you only need to clicl on the link there. When you open 1Password you'll have to pick the option to use it without an account and then to find your data in iCloud. It should all go smoothly then :chuffed:

    Please let us know how this works out for you, if 1Password is all set up in your new computer or if you need some more help :chuffed:

  • I can't log in as it won't accept the key and I emailed of key and still won't work. Im trying to install and sync 1 password on my new macbook

  • brentybrenty

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    @docmcl: Thanks for following up. I’m sorry for the confusion! It sounds like you may be trying to login with a 1Password Account, but you will only have one if you subscribe to 1Password Families (or Teams), or signed up for an individual subscription plan. That’s the only way you’ll have an Account Key or Sign In URL. Instead, just follow the instructions in the license email Pilar sent to install and register the app. And if you choose "Use without an account" you can sync your data from another device or create a new vault. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Don't see an email from "Pilar"? How can I get that resent?

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes the relevant email gets caught there.

  • Searched "pilar" in spam and didn't see. Just to confirm is this a brand new email or when I first purchased 1 password (which was version 3 originally)?

  • brentybrenty

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    @docmcl: Sorry for the confusion! The email isn't from Pilar herself. It's from AgileBits: she had the license sent to you through our system. I resent it again just now, so you should receive it within a matter of minutes from my comments here. That at least should save you the trouble of digging through older emails. :)

  • ok that works thanks. One more question-where do you go to change the main password? I have different passwords that work on different computers/tablets etc. Where do I go so that they are all the same for master password ? Do you have to change each one on each device? My newer more complicated one did not log into the new computer but the older one did?

  • brentybrenty

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    @docmcl: No problem! Just follow this guide to change your Master Password:

    Change or recover your Master Password

    There are instructions there for each platform. Let me know if that helps! :)

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