Best way of "archiving"/"hiding" old passwords??

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When I currently use 1Password it sometimes list many passwords for a site (temporary passwords, old passwords, passwords that I'm not actively using, etc) and but I would like to "prune" this list so I just see "current" passwords. One way of solving this would of course be to delete old passwords but experience has shown that even passwords for stuff that's many many years old, and I had completely forgotten about, might be needed. Just yesterday a family member asked for info that was 5 years old which I hadn't bothered about since then.

Anyway, I would like to "archive" (moving to an archive vault?) or "hide" (marking them as "do not show") items unless I explicitly search for them. How would you recommend handle this problem

Note: I sync 1Password to my iPhone/iPad but I'm not using the online service (I sync using wi-fi)

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  • rudyrudy

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    Hi @wookie,

    I think your best bet here would be to create an archive vault, move those items into it and then uncheck that vault on the All Vaults tab in the preferences window. This would hide those items from searches unless you switch to the archive vault.


  • wookiewookie Junior Member

    OK. Thanks.

  • RomanRoman 1Password Alumni

    @wookie - On behalf of rudy, you're welcome! Please let us know if you need anything else. we’ll be happy to help! :)

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