Why do you have to search again after switching vaults?

In both the Google Chrome extension and the 1Password 6 app, it requires you to search again after switching vaults. Same with visiting a web page and realizing you are in the wrong vault. After selecting the correct vault, the vault item for the associated web page doesn't show up and you have to manually search for it again. Is all this by design?

Thanks! I am very excited with the direction 1Password 6 for Windows is going.

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  • Let me give an example:

    If I go to yahoo.com and the wrong shared vault is selected (no entry for yahoo.com), I see no entries for yahoo.com after clicking on the extension icon (Chrome). After selecting the correct vault from the extension that has an entry for yahoo.com it doesn't display the vault entry for yahoo.com without either searching for it manually or closing the extension window and reopening it. Is there a missing refresh or search after selecting a new vault?

  • @Shonuff you are right, there is a bug when app forgets to apply search filters on vault switch. We are aiming to get it fixed soon, first in 1Password mini (which is being updated right now) and then in 1Password app itself. I hope you'll like it!

  • +1. Thanks for getting on it so quickly!

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    On behalf of Serg, you're welcome.

    This has been fixed in the latest 1Password 6.4 beta builds, so it should be working correctly in both 1Password mini and the main 1Password app.

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