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1 Star for Version 6.6 on 26.02.2017 from Stoppenberger

Origin Text: "So, das war's für mich. Habe eure App teuer bezahlt erst als Stand-alone Programm, dann im Mac App Store nochmals und jetzt soll ich per Abo jährlich blechen? Ihr habt doch nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank! Ich suche mir jetzt eine Alternative, selbst wenn's ein Notizbuch ist. Mich habt ihr als Kunden endgültig verloren."

Translation -> Just the Facts without insulting comments.

"I'm done with your APP. I bought it once as standalone then once more as Mac App Store version and now you want yearly subscription from me. ..... (Insulting) .... I will look for an alternate solution even if it is plaintext notebook. You lost me as customers."

I guess the customers don't know that he can still use his version standalone without your Online Service. I used it in IOS and on my old Mac "Standalone Version" and I've no problems at all. I guess if you upgrade to 1pw v7. I have to use subscription based plan but in this case I would have to buy your new version anyway.

I'm 1password user since I guess Version 2.

And after I converted to subscription I've the freedom to use Appstore Version (iCloud Support) or standalone on my Mac so everything would be fine.

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  • From what I have read, as a new customer you have to buy a subscription to use 1Password for Mac in the future.
    So if this is true, I would not recommend it any longer. There are to many apps right now which try to get money via a subscription model. And especially with password managers, there are some more (free) options available.

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    It isn't. There is a In App Purchase for the standalone version, it just doesn't display it if you're logged into any accounts. Additionally, if you had previously purchased 1Password it grandfathers you into that standalone purchase.


  • Thanks for clarification!
    It seems you need to do better communication and clarification, because in german blogs like iFun it is clearly stated that with 6.6 there is only the monthly subscription available and no more standalone purchase.

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    Hi @random_31731ec7aea and @gfingerl,

    Thanks for the feedback! The reason we don't have the standalone flow front and centre for new customers is because we believe in memberships so much.

    I'd like to take a moment to talk about the many benefits of a 1Password membership, as it is by far the best experience using 1Password.

    With a membership, getting all set up is so much simpler than it was previously. Simply sign up, and then sign into your account on each device. Your data is kept up to date everywhere automatically without having to configure anything like Dropbox or iCloud. It also gives members access to their data through a web browser and a ton of other amazing features:

    One of my favourites is that with a 1Password membership, you get all the apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android included with your subscription, so you can stay up to date and take advantage of all the upcoming new features immediately.

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