"Sync" button is not on option. How to sync between multiple devices.

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I set up 1password on my home computer without issues. Now I'm at work and unable to access my logins. I've tried to sync between my two devices, both macs, but I'm completely missing the "sync" button in the preferences panel. What gives?

1Password Version: 6.6.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X El Capitan
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • danco
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    If you are on the new(ish) subscription model, there is no Sync button because syncing is completely automatic.

    What's the issue on your work computer? I would guess that you aren't able to login, and that would be because you need your Secret Key (which got generated on your home machine at start, and can be found from there) as well as your master password.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @dispenserofsoap,

    If you signed into a 1Password.com account in the 1Password app and don't have any local vaults (i.e. vaults that aren't part of your 1Password.com account), then as danco mentioned, you won't have a Sync tab in the Preferences window because those settings don't apply to 1Password.com accounts. The data in your account automatically syncs through our servers, so all you need to do is sign into your account in the 1Password app, and your account data will automatically be downloaded there.

    On your work Mac, did you sign into your 1Password.com account in the 1Password app? You can check that by going to 1Password > Preferences > Accounts. If your account is listed there, but none of your items are showing up in the main window, it's possible your data is stored in a local vault on your home Mac, and hasn't been moved over to your account vault.

    On your home Mac, open and unlock 1Password, then go to 1Password > Preferences > Accounts to make sure your account is there (if not, you'll need to add it). Assuming it's there, close the Preferences window and click the vault switcher in the top left corner of the main app window. Do you see a vault named Primary? If so, that's a local vault which isn't part of your account, and that explains why you don't see those items on your work Mac. You'll need to move your items from the Primary vault to your Personal account vault by following the steps here: Move items between vaults

    Please let us know how it all goes up to this point, and we'll continue from there. Thanks! :)

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