1Password Safari Extension 4.6.4 not working [4.6.5 now available!]

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Since Apple approved and added version 4.6.4 to their Safari Extension Gallery, we've seen a number of reports relating to the Safari extension not working. This announcement will detail what we know and we will keep it updated it as we learn more.

You like to hide the 1Password Safari extension button so it is not visible in the Safari toolbar

This is a reproducible cause of the extension failing. We have a number of reports that if the extension button is reset so it is visible that the extension returns to a functional state. This may require a restart of Safari for proper functionality to return. This will be corrected in a future update.

After installing a fresh copy of the Safari extension it will work until you restart Safari or the Mac has fallen asleep

Here I assume the 1Password Safari extension button has always been visible and remains visible in Safari but the extension is still failing to work properly. This is still being investigated.

Updated May 05

The 1Password Safari Extension is now available in Apple's Safari Extension Gallery

Today (May 02) we published version 4.6.5 of the 1Password Browser Extension. We believe this will help with Safari based on positive feedback of changes made in the last beta. We have submitted to Apple for approval in the Safari Extension Gallery and they have reviewed and approved it for us already - yay! (May 05).

The following will allow you to manually install 4.6.5.

  1. Open Safari and enter Safari preferences.
  2. Switch to the Extensions tab.
  3. Uninstall any existing copy of the 1Password Safari Extension.
  4. Ensure the checkbox titled Automatically updates extensions from the Safari Extension Gallery is ticked.
  5. Restart Safari.
  6. Download the 1Password Safari Extension from Apple's Safari Extension Gallery.
  7. You will be required to authorise/pair this new copy of the extension.

If you previously viewed this announcement you would have found similar instructions on how to temporarily downgrade to 4.6.3 while we worked on understanding the cause of the connection issues. If you have 4.6.3 installed you have two options.

  1. As that Apple have approved 4.6.5 in the Safari Extension Gallery, you can now simply re-enable the Automatically updates extensions from the Safari Extension Gallery. Safari will then update to 4.6.5 automatically.

If you find you are having any connection issues with Safari and 4.6.5 please do contact us either here in our forums or via [email protected]

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