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  • tomhopper
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    I've been a long-time, very happy, user of 1Password, but this move to a pure-SaaS model for 1Password is a deal-breaker. For starters, I have a usage model that doesn't work nicely with the subscription model (passwords that, for various reasons, cannot be stored in either my personal or employer-provided team vault). Moreover, I already pay for two online storage SaaS solutions; I don't need or want another. I really don't like being forced into another.

    1Password will lose my business over this.

  • Hi @tomhopper,

    We do understand that and we would like to add the ability to use local vaults in 1Password 6 but it is not something we're working on right now, there is only so much we can do at the same time. Right now, our priority is to continue improving the core Windows product, 1Password 6, along with the 1Password.com service. We will continue to maintain 1Password 4 as we just shipped another beta update to improve Native Messaging support and added a bug fix.

    However, 1Password.com isn't simply a cloud storage service, it is far more than that. It can enable more integrated features that isn't feasible with a local vault such as Travel Mode, Guests, easier Family Sharing, integrated and effortless sync experience, and many more that our customers has been asking for years, which they're now enjoying.

  • tomhopper
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    @MikeT I understand that 1Password.com has extra features. And they're nice. Heck, I'm a paying member, for now. But, as I said, moving to a pure SaaS model with a cloud-based service isn't going to serve all of my needs, so I have to find a second password manager, and then add in the extra cost for 1Password.com and managing two different apps…it adds up to me switching to a better product.

  • AGAlumB
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    @tomhopper: I've split your comments off into a new discussion since they weren't related to the issue the other user was getting help with. If you need help with something, please let us know.

    It sounds like you just don't want to pay for a 1Password.com membership since you have subscriptions for other services. That makes sense. We do, however, need to prioritize giving our customers the features and service they've overwhelmingly asked for and appreciate now that it's available.

    It sounds like you're saying that 1Password.com doesn't provide quite enough value for your own use based on your specific needs. We'd love to hear more about what features you're looking for and the kinds of improvements that would make the biggest difference to your workflow. I can't promise anything, but we absolutely take these kinds of feedback into consideration as we develop 1Password. After all, 1Password.com wouldn't even exist otherwise. Cheers! :)

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