annual payment only?

i would love to become a member of 1passwords but we and many other users have the problem that we simply cannot afford 60 dollars or euros at once, is it possible to please pay per month?! would like to secure my passwords aswell and i feel that people with money are given the benefits while we are sitting here with hands in our hairs cause we are at dissatvantage and i feel that way also.. not a way to make new custommers!!!

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    Hey @Jackson_Evans! 1Password memberships can be paid either annually or monthly. The annual price is highlighted because it comes with a bit of a discount, but when you set up your subscription, you can choose monthly billing at US$3.99/month for an individual account. 1Password accounts also come with a 30-day free trial, so feel free to get signed up and choose monthly billing when you're ready to subscribe. :chuffed:

    For reference, the annual option will display above the subscribe button on the billing page, but once you click subscribe, you'll have the option to pick monthly instead. Of course, if we can lend a hand, just let us know. :+1:

  • i need a secret key to login however the phone seems to only show me the normal membership. i want a family as to includde my partner. what would the cost be per month includding him?

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    @Jackson_Evans: You can view pricing and choose your plan in the billing section of your account on But if you're currently using an individual account, follow this guide first, as it will walk you through inviting people through your account menu and getting them setup:

    Share passwords with your family

    Up to five family members are included in the base price of a 1Password Families plan. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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