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moving to subscription - tags and folders

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Hey. I'm thinking about migrating from the old version of 1Password to the new subscription plan. I know from the page on moving data that "1Password accounts use tags instead of folders." But there's not any more detail about it than that. I have a lot of entries in my 1Password database, and I currently use both tags and folders, including smart folders.

Do my existing folders become tags when I migrate, or do I need to do that myself, before I migrate? (I assume my existing tags will survive the migration.)

What about smart folders? Do they still exist, or is there some equivalent capability?

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this stuff. (I'm using 1Password on Mac, Windows, and iOS, by the way.)

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  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @andyh13,

    Glad to hear you're thinking of moving to a 1Password account - I think you'll really like it.

    Existing tags will move over to your new account when you migrate your items, however any folders will not be converted to tags automatically - you'll need to do that manually. A quick way to do so would be to tag one item with the given tag, and then select all the items in a folder and drag them on to the tag in the sidebar - that will tag them all at once.

    While smart folders aren't available, you can still run advanced searches by clicking on the magnifying glass in the search bar and choosing Show Search Options.

    I hope that helps answer your questions!

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