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I am logged on. It doesn't work at all. Can't go into any logon and then connect with 1 password.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • When will I get help? This is the second day I have tried to get help. By the end of the day if no one (a person) has responded to me I am going to delete this program and I will certainly tell everyone I know no to bother with 1password.

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    Hi there @tobyakau :)
    Sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, "it doesn't work" doesn't give me much information to work from to try and help you. Can you be a little more specific? What, exactly, isn't working? What are you trying to do? What steps are you taking and what is (or is not) happening when you take them? Also, could you tell me what version of 1Password and the 1Password extension you are using, along with your browser version?

    Cheers :)

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    Hi @tobyakau -- thanks for writing in. It looks like your previous attempt to contact us was through our support email, which is fine. We do try to get to all requests as quickly as possible, but depending on how full our inbox is on a given day, an email may not get answered as quickly as a post here.

    We don't offer live, one-to-one assistance getting 1Password set up, but we do have a comprehensive support site full of instructions (most of them illustrated or with video) for most things you'd need to do with 1Password. We're also more than willing to help with specific questions or problems, either here or via email. However, to echo what @Corey_C said, we can't help you easily if we don't know what problem you're having. If you can share some more detail about what steps you've taken so far as well as what is or isn't working the way you expect, we'd be happy to help get you back on track. Thanks in advance! :)

    ref: SJA-97424-619

  • I have described the problem. I did watch the videos. I successfully logged in to 1password on both my Mac and my iPhone. As per the video, I brought up my log in page for Amazon and looked for the 1 supposedly in the right hand corner next to the browser address line. There is no 1 so there was no way for me to get 1password to actually create a password for my amazon account. I have come across no other instructions from 1password as to how to overcome this and believe me I have read all your support site titles for what the problem is. There is no help there with this issue.

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