0.9.3 - sorting on search value should favor items starting with value

Hi guys,

Just joined the beta. I noticed many things just seem to work (*yeeeay) so I have to nitpick at edges.

While searching in the extension and placing a value such as: facebook (just an example)
I see the left side of the extension is starting to filter my items. (which happens fast, good job)
After I have finished typing, I end up with a few items which contain the word facebook:
Prefix - facebook (type=login)
FaceBook - postfix (type=login)
facebook - postfix (type=password)

I would prefer the item which starts with the searched value to be the highest one. So nr 2 in the above list.
PS. the search seems to disregard capitals, so searching for FaceBook didn't change the ordering.


1Password Version: none (linux)
Extension Version: 0.9.3
OS Version: Linux
Sync Type: cloud


  • MitchMitch

    Team Member

    Hi @wimvmourik,

    You're absolutely right that our search is a very dumb filter. :) I have to think it will stay that way while we focus on big missing features like the ability to save logins, but afterward I'd like to revisit the logic and make it act more intelligently like you suggest.


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