0.9.3 - Please hide 'SIGN IN WITH' item when searching

Hi guys,

When searching for a login in the extension, the item 'SIGN IN WITH' is placed in the left column above the area where searched for items are being filtered and displayed. This is the login item for my online 1password account. As if it is a must-have item at all times.

I prefer that this item is not being displayed anymore while I am typing/searching for a different login.
When I remove my search value however, I would prefer it to come back in view, because then I might indeed need it.


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  • MitchMitch

    Team Member

    Hi @wimvmourik,

    The "SIGN IN WITH" list will show you logins for the current site, so you must have been on 1password.com at the time. We think this is the correct behaviour even when searching, since you're just as likely to be filtering out multiple logins for that site. Does that make a bit more sense?


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