Can I restore my password vault after flattening my Mac and reinstalling?

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So my MacBook Pro has been acting weird lately - freezing, crashing, just not behaving. Since I have just being upgrading the OS for the past four years and am low of disk space, I decided to flatten it. Did a full Time Machine backup on a separate drive than my standard Time Machine disk, erased the disk and reinstalled. Ended up with a system that hasn't freaked out once and has three times the empty disk space now.

Being paranoid, I manually backed up the important data from three apps that I use all the time. However, I forgot to manually backup 1Password since I only used it as a Safari extension. Now it seems like I'm stuck.

There are no auto backups in the Time Machine backups, even though I'm positive I had it turned on. But I'm making the assumption that backups are either agilekeychain or opvault file types. (Thinking there is an issue with the App Store version of 1Password and auto backup based on this thread - But who knows?)

Was able to find the folder in the Group Container folder of the Time Machine backup, but there is nothing in there that leads me to believe that the data file is there.

Where else can I look? Any help would be appreciated. Even if there was no backup I would assume the files 1Password uses would have been backed up in the Time Machine backup.

1Password Version: 6.8.3
Extension Version: Currently not installed
OS Version: 10.13
Sync Type: Local only


  • @zam36,

    What about the Library/Containers/ ?

    or if you aren't using the App Store version Library/Application Support/1Password 4 ?


  • zam36
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    Rudy -

    Thank you. I was able to find and copy the data over from the backup and all is right in this little part of the world.


  • Lars
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    @zam36 -- on behalf of rudy, you're quite welcome; glad he was able to get you squared away. Enjoy your week!

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