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Why isn't 1password smart enough to locate the 1Password mini INSIDE ITSELF in the Applications folder?

That should be the FIRST and ONLY place it looks!

I don't delete the previous version of apps - sometimes I want or need to downgrade so I need 'em again. As long as 1P is in an archive it's fine - the installer doesn't see it.

But if another copy of resides anywhere on the computer or an external drive, I get the error. I have two boot partitions on my Mac, so that's a PITA!

I have to zip the 2nd one, delete the app, finish installing 1P, then unzip the app and delete the archive.


  • danco
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    You're so right about it being a PITA that the right copy of 1PW Mini isn't found. But you are wrong about blaming 1PW. It's actually a bug in Apple's launchd, which launches the Mini and refuses to look first at the obvious place. The bug is known to occur with other programs, but affects 1PW especially. It seems Apple does not consider this bug important enough to fix (or maybe it is harder than it looks).

    You can "install anyway", but if you have two copies of 1PW then the wrong copy of Mini may be launched, which can cause trouble.

  • Megan
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    Did Danco's explanation help? I agree, it does seem weird that 1Password has difficulty locating a part of itself ... but as Danco says we don't actually have control over this process. All 1Password does is ask the operating system to locate the Mini. The OS does the actual searching, and tends to get a bit over-zealous occasionally.

    I'm sorry that this is causing you trouble. Keeping the app zipped up is a good workaround, or if all your backup apps are in one folder, you can exclude that folder from being indexed by Spotlight. That should work as well.

    I do want to mention that you can always download older versions of 1Password from our website: (should you need them.) :)

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