Feature Request: Automatically view the last used item(s) when opening 1password.


This is a feature request to automatically view the last used item(s) when opening 1password. Here is an example use-case:

I want to enter in information in multiple fields, and auto-filling does not work. This means I open 1password (command+option+), search for (passport or credit card or ..) something, copy a field and enter it. Then every time I go down to the next field, I need to repeat this flow.

If I the last used item(s) were automatically shown when I opened 1password, then I wouldn't need to constantly search for my item. This is especially cumbersome when there are multiple items with similar names and I need to scroll down to the correct one.

Another example is when you need to input multiple different passwords in a row multiple times (i.e. the same multi-factor auth to different IPs). If the last used items appeared at the top, it would save a lot of searching.

Is this feature request understandable? Is it something that 1password would be willing to implement?

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @dbz: Hmm. Thanks for getting in touch! This is interesting. We just added "recent items" to Favorites in 1Password for iOS. Additionally, we have a new Quick Copy feature there too as well which will copy the next field automatically each time you return to the app. Is that sort of what you have in mind for 1Password X? I'm not sure if we can do exactly the same thing in Chrome, but that's some very out-of-the-box thinking. :chuffed:

    However, which version of 1Password X are you using? Here it does retain search/details position temporarily (I think 30 seconds), so that I can return to the same item again if I need something else from it. Might that be helpful? :)

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