1Password 6.8.488.BETA is now available

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Happy Sunday, folks!

We are aiming this to be the last release candidate for 1Password 6.8! Please let us know if you find anything.

[FIXED] If Firefox was used to launch 1Password, terminating Firefox would also terminate 1Password. {OPW-1709}
[FIXED] Internal network errors may cause NativeMessaging pipes to overflow and break. {OPW-1708}
[FIXED] (Regression) If 1Password was locked, Control + \ shortcut did not work on sites with only one Login item matching to the site. {OPW-1707, OPW-1698}
[FIXED] (Regression) 1Password would incorrectly prompt the "Verify proxy settings" message while the computer was still resuming from sleep, switching between active networks like VPN, and so on. {OPW-1705}


  • Hi! didi you implement document attachments as planned before?

  • brentybrenty

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    @vperep: Can you elaborate? Documents are a 1Password.com feature, where each file is a separate item; attachments are a local vaults feature, where the file is part of another item. What specific functionality are you looking for?

  • Does edit and saving an item feel sluggish to anyone else? OK with it if it is part of some security enhancement, but I feel that the latest batch of builds seem to hesitate during certain actions and then pick up speed (odd I know). Edit/Save/Search. Just tossing it out there.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @AlwaysSortaCurious,

    That's a known issue when it is syncing in the background. It'll be improved in future updates as we're internally rebuilding in each update to separate the UI from the work, so that sync doesn't cause the UI to struggle to update.

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