#GXN-56441-339 - Chrome extension no longer working

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I have used 1Password for a number of years, but now the chrome extension is not working for me at all. The icon shows but clicking it does nothing. This used to happen occasionally, and a reboot would fix it, but now the issue is remaining making it very difficult to work smoothly.

I have:

  • Rebooted numerous times
  • Deleted and reinstalled the chrome extension
  • Double checked I have the latest versions (extension, app, and chrome)

I am running:

  • Macbook Pro 2017
  • MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2
  • 1Password Ext version:
  • 1Password App version: 6.8.5

Please get back to me as soon as possible. Not having access to my login details is very cumbersome, as I’m sure you can imagine. Reading online this is an issue that is affecting many people..


1Password Version:
Extension Version: 6.8.5
OS Version: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @dcrothers! Thanks for letting us know you've sent an email in to support. Let's keep the conversation going over there -- we've got a light staff this week due to the holidays, and when we have to try to correlate emails with forum posts from the same person, it takes us much longer to answer each person who's waiting for assistance. Someone will be with you shortly via email. Thanks for your patience. :)

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