Updating from 1password 4 to 1Password 6, can't find location of backup files.

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I just made a clean install on my Mac with High Sierra and 1Password 6. I was on Mavericks and 1Password 4 and I am trying to restore files from a Time Machine backup.
My family license was purchased directly from the Agile Bits web site. I have numerous Time Machine backups on an external drive but I am not able to locate the backup files. I have followed every possible hint available on the forums.
Followed all suggestions in the topic:

Some of the folders appear to be hidden when trying to view on an external drive.
So I moved the files to the local drive. Set the command line to “show all files”.
Attempted the Control G and Control P operations to try and view the hidden files.
That only partial worked. I still cannot see the backup files.
I saw the 1p4 files initially but when I tried to restore the backup, the OPEN button did nothing.
Now I can’t even find the folder and files. Very frustrating and I suspect that Apple has made further file restrictions on High Sierra that may be complicating the process.
I need to know for sure the location of the backup files.
I have all my data still on my iPhone. Is there another way to get the desktop app active and restore the data?

1Password Version: Was: 4.4.3, Is: 6.8.5
Extension Version: none installed now
OS Version: OS X was 10.9.5, Is: 10.13.2
Sync Type: WiFi
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    Welcome to the forum, @Steve45! I see you've also sent an email in to support with the same question you asked here. Let's keep the conversation going over there via email -- we've got a light staff this week due to the holidays, and when we have to try to correlate emails with forum posts from the same person, it takes us much longer to answer each person who's waiting for assistance. Someone will be with you shortly via email. Thanks for your patience. :)

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