How do I attach an image or pdf file to an item such as a passport and view it on all devices?

I have 1Password on my iPhone and (Windows 10) PC. I would like to be able to add images to my driver license and passport. I'm able to add a "related item" on the iphone app, and it then shows up and can be viewed within the license section. On my PC the "Related Items" section is missing. The image added from my phone shows up under the Documents section as a .JPG file but there does not seem to be any way to view it. This seems like pretty basic functionality. Am I missing something?

1Password Version: 6.8.492
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1Password account
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  • MikeT
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    Hi @fishergary,

    Thanks for writing in.

    1Password 6 for Windows should be showing the Related Items like so:

    To view the JPG, you have to click on it to save it to disk and view it from there.

    However, it does not yet let you add items as Related Item nor view images inline, they are coming in a future update.

    Does your Driver License item shows an updated timestamp? I am concerned it doesn't show the Related Item when it should.

  • fishergary
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    It took a little while, but now the image is showing up on the PC under documents and related items. Not a very elegant solution, but it does work. Do you have any time frame on when the new functionality to view and add related items on the PC will be coming? It would be great to have the windows application look and work as nicely as the browser plugins and ios app.

  • AGAlumB
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    @fishergary: I wish we could do that in the browser extension. Hopefully someday! I can't give you a release date for any unreleased features, but Related Items is something we're working on along with some other things behind the scenes for Windows. Thanks for letting us know you're looking forward to it! :)

  • kontzBern
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    Agree, not the fanciest way to show off some extensions but nevertheless I don't think it does matter. But that's what I noticed not so long ago, if to store PDF files in that fashion, they won't be able to be shown with a preview, what is quite inconvenient too, so I store them as secured external links to this online editor Again, it's not the most obvious solution for sure yet it's fine to me

  • Hi @kontzBern,

    How are you sure that they're secured and their data is encrypted? I can't find a support article on what encryption they use.

    You're storing PDFs in clear view on third party services, if they're just links without signing-in, it's a security risk.

    At least with 1Password, your data is actually encrypted and require you to download first before you can decrypt it with your 1Password account.

  • deviant
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    @brenty and @MikeT

    Since "Documents" allow you to add sections and fields, etc. (how I store my insurance cards and fields with all of the relevant info) would it be somewhere on the roadmap to streamline the file association process and simply allow files (plural would be awesome) to be attached to items directly versus uploaded separately as documents and linked? Otherwise people like me will be more likely to create a bunch of "Document" items with custom fields for DLs, Passports, etc instead of using the dedicated types since it allows me to wrap things up in one, simple item vs spread across multiples.

    Also the multiple would be great for front/back or Cert/Private keys, etc.

  • I don't think we're planning on exactly what you're after, @deviant, but we do have plans to make a change to the flow of adding related items that may work equally well. Right now, 1Password for Windows only has a "link existing" option, but we're planning to have a "link new" option as well that creates the Document item and links it in one step. The item will still be a separate entity, but you'll be able to upload it and link it all at once making this process at least better mirror adding an attachment.

    With that said, I'm honestly not sure I'd be so quick to dismiss your current method of doing things either. DLs, Passports, and many of the other items where you might reasonably link a Document item aren't fillable anyway, so the primary benefits of using the dedicated item type are having them show in the proper category in your sidebar and the pre-populated template. I personally find I rarely use all fields in the template anyway and you can closely replicate the category in your sidebar by adding a proper tag to the Document item. I use tags rather than linking when I want to bundle items together anyway, so I'm actually rather fond of your system and might borrow it form ya. :wink:

  • deviant
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    Thanks @bundtkate The "link new" option would definitely help. At first when I saw the link, I thought it was to link passwords between sites with SSO but different usernames (that would also be great).

    Are fields from a document item not fillable? I'm not sure I need them to be but it didn't occur to me that it wouldn't be.

  • They're not, @deviant, but again, neither are Passport items and Driver's License items. The items that are fillable are Credit Cards, Logins, and Identities. With everything else, you get the same copy/paste option in a Document item as you do in the dedicated item types. In those cases, you're not really losing out on much by making the choice to store that info in the Document item instead, so it's all a wash in some ways. Depending what's most important to you – categorization/templates or ease of access to the Document item and that info in a single item details pane – both have their advantages. Personally, I feel like I'd value the latter more in most, if not all, cases so it seems like a good strategy. Now actually taking the time to tweak how I've saved those items is another story, but it's nice to learn new tricks either way. :lol:

  • eng1ishman
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    Hello, could you, pls, tell me how in Windows app on PC I can now add that related document into Passport item?

  • You can learn how to link related items right, here, @eng1ishman:

    Keep in mind, however, that 1Password for Windows can't currently preview PDFs, so if you need to see these documents within 1Password, I'd suggest taking a photo and linking that instead. :+1:

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