Display issue with old passwords?

So I have two accounts saved for Capital One. When I search for "Capital" it finds both of those entries, but it also finds items called "Password", w/ the key icon, some contain the same password as the one I created...one for each account. The entries I created have the Capital One icon.

Also, if I go to security and select duplicate passwords, it shows quite a few which appear to be part of the same thing. These items have the same timestamps and some have the same URL.

1Password Version: 7.0.519
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 1703
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Each of these mystery entries is titled "Password" and only have the website and password fields populated. I didn't create these, so I'm assuming that they are used for historical purposes.

  • You may have created these. When you generate a password, 1Password creates a sort of temp copy of the password called, password in that category along with some additional information sometimes like the URL. In case something goes wrong during the actual creation of the login item you have a sort of backup. Confuses me too sometimes as I actually have passwords without user ids in the password category and am forever afraid of deleting one by accident when clearing it out.

    I'm willing to bet the word "captial" is in the URL saved with that password item

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    @cbeilman7223: Indeed, these are sort of created by you, but not something you'd necessarily created intentionally (though some people do). Password items are saved automatically, when you use a generated password, as a safety net, in case you don't save a login for the site. All of this is expected and very much by design, but the confusion comes from the fact that we need to improve how these are handled in the app, so that they don't get in your way when you don't need them. We'll be making some changes in this area, especially with Security Audit in the mix, so thank you for bringing this up! :)

    ref: OPW6-1051

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