Best way to clean up a bad import?

I recently imported a lot (100+) of passwords from another manager using the "CSV" importer. I read examples and help pages and formatted my CSV exactly as suggested. When it imported, ALL my usernames were in the "website" field; all my passwords were in the "notes" field and all my notes where in the "username" field, with blank passwords. Other data has been smattered across various fields that don't even show up by default in the "logins" section.

Now I'm having to go through the list from top to bottom and press Edit on each one, then cut the Notes field and paste it onto the Password field, and cut the username field which has lost all its line breaks and paste that onto the notes field... anyway, it's moving and shuffling and reformatting everything, which has to be done in a specific order one at a time.

I have tried exporting all the data to a CSV file but it has junk data all over the place in random columns (e.g. "auth method" sometimes has notes, mobile(cellphone) sometimes has usernames, and so on.

Is there a way to bulk edit data or should I throw out the vault and start over? If so, how do I properly label my CSV file so that it lines up the fields properly during import, and format my CSV so that fields with single or double quotes, tab characters, and commas and symbols and unicode values and line breaks are correctly preserved during import?

1Password Version: 6.8.7
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  • brentybrenty

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    @tim_stclair: Are you sure you followed this guide exactly? I'm not able to reproduce what you're describing. It sounds like you were missing some delimited fields in the entries, so that 1Password thought the next field was the next one for the item. For example, this is the format we recommend:,,wendy_appleseed,password123

    That's title, URL, username, password, in that order. What you're describing sounds like you left out the URL, like this:,wendy_appleseed,password123

    So 1Password is just dutifully using "wendy_appleseed" as the URL, since that's what you put in the second (URL) position.

    While it isn't possible to "bulk edit" multiple items in 1Password (as that would be destructive), you may want to check out @MrC ’s converter, as it can help you get the data into 1Password's native 1PIF format for easier import, rather than relying on a CSV with missing fields, or having to do it all by hand. Let me know if that helps!

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