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  • SurfingMark
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    I purchased and installed the App Store version, and on MBP it works as it has for the many years I've been happy to use and recommend it, but on iMac it crashes immediately and after a minute or two of trying to reload (the icon flashes in the dock) there's a dialog that states "1Password is damaged and can't be opened. Delete 1Password and download it again from the App Store." This is from a fresh install of 1P.
    Both systems are 10.13.4 but the issue has occurred since 10.13.2, then my iMac spontaneously claimed that my 1P trial was expired and I had to pay. I had bought the family pack previously and installed on both iMac and MBP.

    I deleted the 1P on iMac and upon reinstall have had this message consistently, to the point of "dude, wtf??"

  • Ben
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    Hi @SurfingMark,

    I split your comment off from that other thread, as I’m not sure how it relates to what was being discussed there (a crash that is present in the beta version of 1Password 7 for Mac). If I’m wrong, and this is somehow related, please let me know.

    Please try this:

    How to switch to the version of 1Password from the AgileBits website

    Does that help with the crash and/or licensing issue?


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