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Hi, it would be nice if you guys could implement a refresh Button. I use 1Password on several devices iOS, macOS and Windows 10 and every time I need to wait a long time until my vaults are synced on all devices. This sucks. It would be nice if I could push a Button to start the Sync manually. Workaround for me at the moment is to edit a Login on the device I want to sync. But this is no solution.

1Password Version: 7.0.558
Extension Version: newest
OS Version: iOS, macOS and Windows 10 all newest Versions
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @doNmartinez,

    Thanks for writing in.

    How are you syncing your 1Password data, or Dropbox/Folder sync?

    1Password 7 has automatic sync support, there is no need to do any manual sync. If 1Password is not doing it for you, then it is a bug that we need to fix. Every remote change triggers 1Password to sync within 5 seconds. The 5 seconds rule is intentional to prevent refreshing the UI too many times when there are a lot of changes at the same time.

  • I use. It is a Family subscription. I do a change on my desktop or create a login. If I open 1Password on my Laptop or Win10 VM it doesn’t sync automatically for a really long time. I can trigger it by editing an item and save it without changes.
    Same behavior exactly right now while typing. I have created a forum account on my desktop at the time of creating this discussion. I am typing from my iPhone right now and it still hasn’t synced the login data until now.

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    Hi @doNmartinez,

    That's likely either a network issue or a bug, something is breaking the background passive connection to our server and it is likely the way your PC's network is configured. Please use this guide to generate the 1Password diagnostic report and email it to us at [email protected]. Also, in the email, include the link to this thread along with your forum username, so that we can connect the email to this thread.

    Let us know here when you've sent it, so we can confirm we got the email.

    For me, 1Password 7 is showing instant changes all over the place for me including 1Password 7 for Windows in my Windows VMs and Surface Pro.

  • I will do this. But I don’t think that is the matter actually. The Problem doesn’t happen only on my Lan. This also appears on mobile network as well on other Lans. It must be something else. Maybe it is my item size, almost 1000. so changes need a lot more time to sync?
    Anyway a button to sync would be a nice feature. Maybe it is possible to hit the button once every 15secs as a compromise?

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    Hi @doNmartinez,

    It shouldn't matter, all of them go through the same network stack, changing networks doesn't rule anything out for 1Password on Windows. Any VPN, proxy, firewall, can break 1Password's sync the same way regardless of what network you're connected to.

    Team size shouldn't be a factor either, the server tells 1Password when there are changes ready for your account, once 1Password gets a ping, it'll then perform a sync automatically.

    The problem is that your connection to the said server is not working. When you make a change and it syncs, that means it's not the normal HTTPS connection that is being blocked but the real-time passive websocket connection that is not reconnecting properly. They're two separate connection types and 90% of the times, this is due to the proxy configuration.

    Anyway a button to sync would be a nice feature. Maybe it is possible to hit the button once every 15secs as a compromise

    We honestly do not want to add this, we have a lot of users and almost all of them are not reporting any issues like this. That's why we need to look at your report and see what the cause is, so we can fix it properly.

    In addition, we already automatically sync when you unlock and one hour after every that as a fallback if there was no update that has occurred.

  • Thanks for this interesting insight. As I said I will provide the needed data. Looking forward getting to know what is causing that behavior. Ty

  • I have mailed it to you, please check.

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    @doNmartinez: Found it! We will take a look and get back to you soon. Thanks! :+1:


    ref: LQH-82418-743

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