Trying to move a license from my older Windows machine to a new one

I have family license pack of 4 licenses that I bought last year (june 19th 2017). I am trying to install 1Password on a WIndows 10 machine.I download the app, but it no longer installs the license with a number, now requiring a license package of some sort. I am unclear about my "secret" key but it appears that I don't have that kind of account. How the heck do I install the license now? Why has this gotten so difficult? I can provide you with a PDF of the order if you need it.

1Password Version: 7..0
Extension Version: 0.558
OS Version: WIndows 10
Sync Type: icloud


  • normskynormsky
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    Previous standalone licenses won't work on 1Password 7. You would need to buy a new set of licenses or signup for subscription.

    Hope this answer your inquiry.

  • Ok. I guess I'm no longer going to be a customer of yours! I just bought these last summer. This seems to be poor customer care on the part of Agilebits. There are free options out there. I've been a long time customer, but if that's the offer, then I'm gone.

  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    Hello @alb

    1Password 7 is a paid upgrade for license holders as licenses are sold on a per-version, per-platform basis. If you wish, you can continue your 1Password 4 license with 1Password 4 by downloading it from

    If you want to use 1Password 7 you have two options, you can either purchase a new license or you can sign up for a 1Password membership. Membership includes all versions of 1Password across all platforms, including all upgrades, along with many other benefits. If you wish, you can also send an email to [email protected] and they will be with you shortly.

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