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ctwisectwise Junior Member

Is there any way to include the vault name in the list of items in 1Password Mini? It's hard to distinguish between work and other logins. For example, if I have a work login for and a personal one, I'd like to see:

Private -
Work -

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Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @ctwise - thanks for the question. There is, of course -- we can do essentially anything we want, display-wise. And I'll certainly add your request to the list. But I'd be merely guessing if I said we'd do this, mostly because we're also getting feedback that the new mini needs to be smaller/less cluttered. One thing you might be able to do in this case is actually rename the items yourself, for websites where you have multiple logins. I do this with Dropbox (for which I have all of my family's logins): "Dropbox: Lars," "Dropbox:(wife)," "Dropbox:(son)", etc. One tip for that is to keep the name of the site at the front, so they all show up in the same place in the list, alphabetically, instead of having six or eight all starting with "Private - ..." or "Work - ..."

  • ctwisectwise Junior Member

    Yes, I'm currently renaming items as I go, however when my wife and I share logins she doesn't remember to rename her shared login and that forces me to police them all.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @ctwise - gotcha. Well, I'll add your request to have vault names displayed in 1Password mini's item list. One other possibility you can try, depending on what kind of vault setup you have, is not keeping the view set to All Vaults, but instead just on your own, unless you need to check a certain vault. Click the vault icon at the top left of 1Password mini to switch the view, that may help you some.

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