1password 7 Vs 1password 6 ?

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I just installed 1password 7 on my new Mac and the Chrome browser extension
has changed in the way that now i can't just open the browser extension and press login into my Sites!
What has changed and why can't i use the browser extension to login to my sites??
Now when i use the Chrome extension to try and log into my sites, it gives me a pop up window telling me
to pay for the Subscription!

1Password Version: 7.07
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13
Sync Type: Local backup


  • rudy


    1Password 7 is not a free update for 1Password 6, so you would need to either purchase a standalone license (via our direct sale version, we no longer offer standalone on the Mac App Store) or you would need to subscribe to a 1Password.com membership.

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