1P for Android does not search Passwords in Password category

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1Password for Android has big limitations. It's impossible to generate random passwords for a form in Chrome and so we have to manually open the app, create a password in the Passwords category and copy paste.

The form was submitted and an account on some service was created. You try to login into the account on the service's Android application, but 1Password will not search for the password in Passwords.

The engineering team needs to think of a way how to convert those autogenerated password that I link to the Android app into a login.

For you to really know the pain involved, I recommend you try the above scenario for yourself.

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  • periperi

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    Hey @msxtj. Thanks for contacting us!

    Currently, 1Password can only fill Login items using Autofill or accessibility. We're hoping to expand this to other categories in the future, and I'll pass your request for this feature along to our development team.

    In the meantime, you can avoid copying and pasting by using drag and drop, to drag passwords from 1Password into login fields in other apps.

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