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I use the iOS version (7.1.1) of 1Password, as well as the Mac OS version (7.1.2). I just realized while searching for a specific credit card in my MacOS version that it wasn't there. It's on the phone. So I started digging.

iOS has two vaults (Primary - synced to iCloud and Personal).
MacOS has one value (Personal)

iOS has "vault for saving" set to Primary

iOS has 1209 items in Personal and 1209 items in Primary
MacOS has 1209 items in Personal

But MacOS is missing at least 3 credit cards (likely more, bu I'm just saying there's a discrepancy right there)

I can't seem to figure out how to resolve this. Any ideas?


1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.6
_Sync Type:iCloud


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @jakemckee! I'm sorry for the trouble. Thanks for the detailed and accurate explanation of what's where: I wish everyone did that when they have an issue. Your explanation makes it easy to see that you created a account and signed into it in 1Password 7 on your Mac (that's the "Personal" vault). You also appear to have signed into it on your iOS device, but there, you left in place your previous, standalone Primary vault.

    It's easy to remove the Primary vault, just tap Settings > Vaults > Primary > Delete Vault. But if you do that, you may lose data that you've been entering inadvertently into the Primary vault since creating the Personal vault. Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this is manually; you can set the vault menu to view only the Primary vault in iOS, then look for items that are not reflected in the Personal vault, and use these instructions to get your items moved over into the Personal vault. Once you're certain that your Personal vault contains a complete and up-to-date copy of your data, you can use the previous instructions to remove the Primary vault from 1Password for iOS, and you'll be all set with your account only, on both devices.

  • jakemckee
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    Thanks for the help, sorry for the delay. I put off the task until I had a minute to address. Given this move between recommended sync methods (used to be iCloud y'all promoted, now it's your own accounts), I'd strongly recommend making this process built-in and far easier. But I think I got it fixed up now. Thanks!

    PS: The link you shared is broken. This is the correct one:

  • AGAlumB
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    Thanks for the update. Indeed, it is "built in". When migrating to a 1Password account, the app offers to remove the old vault, and it's also recommended in the guide. I don't see a broken link, but we'll be on the lookout. Happy holidays! :)

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