Have 2 standalone vaults. Sync with Dropbox

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I have soon have two standalone 1password accounts. I believe I cannot sync with iCloud - correct? If so, I see v7 automatically sync with iCloud - can I have v7 sync with Dropbox?

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS 10.1306
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • Lars
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    @Holt26 - I'm sorry; I think I understand what you're asking, but I don't want to make the wrong assumption here: you meant vaults, not 1Password accounts, right? If so, then yes -- you can only sync a single (Primary) vault via iCloud, either in 1Password 7 for Mac or the previous version 6. If you're using standalone 1Password and you want to sync more than one vault, you would need to use Dropbox to accomplish it, or potentially iCloud for the Primary vault and Dropbox for the secondary.

    A much easier and more stable way to accomplish syncing multiple vaults would be a 1password.com membership/account; I'd urge you to look into that for a multi-vault setup (especially if you have family members who also want to use 1Password and share data between you).

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