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  • I want to chime in with my vote to add a float/anchor button. It used to be there with the older version of 1Password, and I used it all the time so I can simultaneously have my browser window open and then see my 1Password info at the same time. This scenario comes in very handy when you have to answer a string of security questions - and you need to get the spelling exact.

    I love 1Password, I've had it for years. I just upgraded from Yosemite to Sierra, so I was using the older version for a really long time - and I find this new version to take so much more of my time to do the same activities I've been doing forever... more clicks, more back and forth between my task and the 1Password windows, and more manual searching to find an "exact" match with the entry (still not sure what's causing this, but entries that used to show up no longer do).

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    @Peleela: We've already got that feature. :)

    Open items in separate windows

    You can even press ⌘ O as a shortcut. ;)

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • I should have specified that I'm using the browser extension. There used to be an anchor button on the entry item, and now it's gone. Maybe I'm missing something obvious...

  • Wait... the shortcut works. So I must have missed the new anchor button. Thanks!!

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    Hi @Peleela,

    I've split your posts and move them into their own discussion in the Mac forum since you've originally posted in an old Windows beta thread.

    Did you try clicking > on the item to see its details? Once you do that, you'll see the anchor button like so:

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