Paid in 2014. Why Do I have to pay again? [Licenses cover one specific version of 1Password]

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Hello! In 2014, I paid for a "lifetime membership" to 1Password. I recently got a new Macbook, downloaded 1Password from the appstore, and now I cannot use 1Password using the new Dropbox / DB Format you require unless I pay more money.

Why exactly am I not grandfathered in? How do I continue to use 1Password in R/W mode (instead of read-only mode) without paying for a subscription?

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    Hi @allanparsons,

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. I'd suggest taking a look at what exactly it was that you purchased. I suspect at that time it would've been a 1Password 4 for Mac license, not a "lifetime membership." We've never sold a lifetime membership, and memberships didn't even exist until November of 2015. A modern copy of 1Password would require either a 1Password membership (subscription) or a separate license purchase for the current version. A 1Password 4 for Mac license wouldn't cover it.

    Please take a look and let me know. We'd be happy to help you move forward.



  • @Ben ,

    I'm using 1Password v. 4 for Mac, which also works on my iPhone and allows me to sync via Dropbox. I'd like to continue to run version 4.x on my new mac. Where can I download this previous version? I paid for this version, and this version continues to meet my needs, except it's not available for download anywhere.


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    All versions of 1Password for Mac are available here:

    AgileBits Update Server

    That said I absolutely cannot recommend continued use of 1Password 4 for Mac. It hasn't been updated since January of 2015. I'd be surprised if it ran at all, let alone well, on a modern version of macOS and with modern browsers. As a security focused company we can't recommend any course other than to run the latest versions of 1Password, your operating system, and your web browsers.


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    I agree with Ben. However, I should add that (although the current 1PW7 is a paid upgrade), upgrades from 1PW4 for Mac to 1PW5 and the 1PW6 were both free. At least try the upgrade to 1PW6 rather than stay with 1PW4. I am not entirely sure how that will work with your iPhone, though.

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    Good point. There isn't a way to install specific versions through the App Store, but if it's already in your Apple ID purchase history, you'll be offered the latest compatible version on the device when running an older OS.

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