1Password 7.3.639 Beta 4 is out with more installer improvements and item viewer polish.

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Hi guys,

Thanks to our beta testers for helping us test the new installer, we've improved it in this 7.3 Beta 4 update to continue using the same app directory instead of a new build-specific folder for each app update. This should help address the shortcut issues.

[IMPROVED] 1Password installer will now use the same app folder for new updates. {OPW-3624}
[IMPROVED] The top action bar has been redesigned along with the top of the item list.
[IMPROVED] Selecting the first item after starting 1Password is more responsive now. {OPW-3162, OPW-3620}
[FIXED] When closing 1Password window and reopening it, it didn't restore the last used item. {OPW-2957}
[FIXED] 1Password mini wouldn't select the last item used consistently. {OPW-3451}
[FIXED] Non-standard URLs no longer cause 1Password would crash when rendering it. {OPW-3659}


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